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From the 3rd of May to 16th of May 2021 the Institute for Research & Training of European Affairs implemented the online voluntary activity, bringing together over 210 participants from 4 countries.

The action was implemented within the framework of the project “Remember Holocaust – Building Bridges for a common future”, which is funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union, in cooperation with the organizations participating in the consortium.

The action involved 8 Greek School Units, 11 volunteers from 4 countries and more than 200 students of A, B and C Lyceum as well as teachers. The aim of the action was to raise awareness and of the Holocaust and the historical events of the Second World War, as a milestone in highlighting the importance of tolerance, acceptance, diversity and unity for a peaceful co-existence with in the boundaries of the EU.

The Virtual Volunteering Activity involved the organisation of a series of activities based on non-formal learning, innovative technological tools as well as interactive trainings/workshops designed by the volunteers themselves, under the guidance of the instructors.

The Volunteers had the opportunity to interact with students and through a non-formal approach to discuss issues such as the holocaust, justice, diversity, and tolerance in society. In addition, students had the opportunity to express themselves and collaborate through the use of digital tools. At the end of the event, students and teachers, in the context of an anonymous evaluation, expressed a number of emotions, such as disgust about the holocaust, admiration for the people who helped escape people, etc.

The most important result of this action was the development of a sense of collegiality where humanity must cooperate so that it does not experience another “Holocaust” ,through its remembrance, and respect for diversity for peaceful coexistence in the EU and beyond. Highlighting to the fullest extent the success of the action.

The School Units that participated in the Online Voluntary Activity are the following:

• Peiramatiko Lyceum of the University of Crete Rethymno

• 1st Lyceum of Thessaloniki

• 12th Lyceum of Thessaloniki

• Kallimasia Lyceum of Chios

• 1st Standard Lyceum of Athens “Gennadios”

• Greek-French School of Kalamari

• Arsakio Lyceum of Thessaloniki

This activity was supported by the Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki (KEDITH), the German organisation Jugend Bildung und Kultur EV, the European Foundation for Human Development from Poland, the Slovak organisation Youth for Equality that are the partners of the project.