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Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs- I.R.T.E.A. Favierou 39, Athens, P.C.: 104 38,Greece

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About the project

The “Remember Holocaust – Building Bridges for a common future” project, focusing on the remembrance of the Jews Holocaust, aims to foster the understanding of the past while strengthening the dialogue about the future of the European Union. Through its activities, the project seeks to raise awareness on remembrance, highlight the Union values of solidarity, tolerance and peace and also to promote awareness about civic participation and intercultural engagement. Taking the extermination of Jews as starting point, the project also aims to commemorate its victims and enhance tolerance towards diversity. All project partners derive from places with a common historical point where the local population has been victimized by the  anti-Semitism wave and has suffered great loses during the WWII. The project will be held mainly in Thessaloniki, where 60.000 Jews during they were deported by Nazis to concentration camps while activities will also be organized in Athens and wishes to affect directly 560 participants and indirectly around 2500 people. The desirable impact of the “Remember Holocaust – Building Bridges for a common future” project is to inspire young people by empowering them to be more active, civic aware and tolerant and by challenging them on issues of inclusion, tolerance and elimination of discrimination.

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