The project comprises of discussions with Holocaust survivors in the format of Human Library on the story-telling where experiences will be narrated and workshops/structured dialogue about stereotypes, racism and increase of totalitarianism.An interactive and digitalized Exhibition, volunteering activities to schools by young Europeans and a policy paper for the outcomes of the project will also be implemented.

The aim of these activities is to reflect on remembrance gap challenges between societies, inspire youth towards diversity, inclusion, integration and European identity and equip them with tools and skills for critical thinking about stereotypes. The interaction between young people and civic society as well as the development of the Policy paper will result in enhancing civic participation, while engages the participants to the policy-making shaping.  Namely, the activities that will be implemented during the project, will be carried out in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki with young people from the cities of Sperxeiada, Lodz, Essen and Pute Ulany participatin