We welcome you to the Virtual Exhibition about Holocaust as part of the “Remember Holocaust- Building Bridges for a common future” project, funded by the EU Program Europe for Citizens.

The Virtual Exhibition aims to portray milestones of the extermination of the Jews, their everyday life in times of the war while providing a clear, easy understanding of facts that led to the genocide of the Jews. During your tour, you will be navigated to historic turning points, to everyday life testimonies of the people who lived back in those times while you will get to know interesting stories of flagship personalities that their names got interrelated with the Holocaust times. The Exhibition is structured into 4 rooms with a specific topic. Each exhibit shares a story or an explanation of worth-mentioning historic point accompanied by videos or audios that you can watch or listen to.

The Exhibition can be accessed here
For experiencing optimum quality while touring to the Digital Exhibition, we strongly recommend you to use the Google Chrome explorer.

In case of encountering any technical difficulties, please contact our team:

(+30) 213 0250217