On the 12th February 2021, the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs implemented the online event “Human Library for Holocaust Remembrance” in the framework of the project “Remember Holocaust – Building Bridges for a common future” which is funded by the Program of EU “Europe for Citizens”.

The aim of the event was to listen to testimonies and stories from the events of the Holocaust, to give the floor to the “Human Books” to share with the participants their experiences as members of Jewish communities in various European countries and to also have a constructive dialogue on issues of racism, stereotypes and social exclusion.

Mr. Jozef Cipin took the role of the “Human Book”, who, as a Holocaust survivor, shared with the participants moments from his life before, during and after his transfer to the concentration camp and his liberation from the Nazis. Mr. George Antoniou, Assistant Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, shared with the participants moments of the everyday life of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki. His story also focused on how much the educational background of the Jews, especially in music studies, affect the conditions of their lives in the concentration camps. Mr. Jerome, served as a Human Book for the needs of the event, shared with the participants their experience as a member of the Jewish community in various European countries and the treatment he received throughout the years as an expat. Lastly, Mrs. Anastasia Politi, as actress and theatre director, having the role of a Human Book, told stories of Roma people during the days of the Holocaust.

During the opening of the event, Mr. Moses Elisaf, Mayor of Ioannina, shared with the audience the stories about the Holocaust that he had heard by his ancestors.

More than 160 young people, students, representative of Municipalities, decision-makers, representatives of youth organisations and member of the Jewish communities attended the Human Library expressing their great interesting on the topic of the event.

This activity was supported by the Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki (KEDITH), the German organisation Jugend Bildung und Kultur EV, the European Foundation for Human Development from Poland, the Slovak organisation Youth for Equality that are the partners of the project.

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