Every year on 27th of January, people around the world pays the tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This date symbols the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp of Auschwitz – Birkenau by Soviet troops on 27 January 1945. Approximately 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and nearly 1 million died at Auschwitz – Birkenau. (UNESCO – link for the memory)

The Holocaust endangered the fabric of civilisation, and genocide must still be fought every day. Our world regularly feels vulnerable and unstable and we cannot just sit aside and watch it break. Let’s learn from this, to ensure we all have a better future, the one we all feel safe from hate and discrimination.

On this day, the UN asks every member state to honour the six million Jewish victims and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides.

The UN theme for this year’s Holocaust remembrance and education is “Facing the Aftermath: Recovery and Reconstitution after the Holocaust”. Please follow the link below and check the calendar of events, there are some very good discussions, concerts, movies, and ceremonies happening this week in the honour of Remembrance of Holocaust (Link from UN)