Lead Partner

The Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs is a Think Tank in Greece created by specialized young scientists aiming to bridge the gap between the academic knowledge and the society, politics and the business world. I.R.T.E.A. promotes structured and open dialogue between the civil society and EU officials and fosters civic engagement, through innovative projects and activities. I.R.T.E.A.’s advantages include the interaction with both the Greek and the European student community, the expertise in educational activities such as researches, conferences and simulations, as well as the immediate contact with the decision making centers and the labour market. To these ends, I.R.T.E.A. focuses on raising awareness to the Greek and European citizens and youth so that they fully understand the EU legislative procedures & policies, on producing and disseminating scientific knowledge, promotes youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship while stressing democratic values through its activities.

You can find more information about The Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs at: www.irtea.gr