Europejska Fundacja Rozwoju Człowieka is a Foundation, born in 2016, as an answer to the international mobility need in the Voivodeship of Łódź supporting youth development. EuroFRC provides European and global opportunities for the personal development of individuals in the education and culture fields based on its motto “humans helping humans”.

The founders consist of a group of local and international young professionals whose vision is to build European mobility opportunities and educational chances sharing their knowledge and offering their services to society, especially young people. Europejska Fundacja Rozwoju Człowieka aims to carve into society by providing innovative educational approaches and techniques, non-formal education tools for learning, workshops and sessions oriented to personal and professional development, training courses and exchanges, initiatives and campaigning, and similar. The Foundation focuses, Human Rights, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Environment and Digitalisation.

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JuBuK is non-governmental, non-profit organization which was founded in 2008 and focuses on organizing  national and international projects on the topics of bridge building, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, inclusion, interreligious dialogue, gender, migrant issues, intercultural dialogue, capacity building, change making. uBuK targets at  young people with migrant background and minorities, migrant NGOs and initiatives on the national level and promotes the cooperation at international level cooperation with like-minded NGOs, youth workers, activists, trainers, change makers.The organisation’s aim is to bring a positive change to the community and especially youth and promotes   inclusion of vulnerable groups, social activism, gender equality, development of skills and competences of young people and youth workers, development of entrepreneurial education, recognition of non-formal learning, interfaith dialogue, intercultural cooperation and solidarity.

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E is an organization, founded in Slovakia as a local youth initiative with the aim to realise positive changes and develop activities at local and international level in the field of education, labour market, protection of human rights and environment for personal and proffesional development of youth and their integration into society. YE organizes educational activities, events and workshops and supports social inclusion through the integration of young and disadvantaged people for the Labour market. YE organizes also youth workshops in order to provide information about different educational and career opportunities at local, national and international level to local youth.

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KEDITH is the designated Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki which has been established especially for youth policy. KEDITH is responsible for the planning and implementation of youth actions or projects, the promotion of European Youth Policy at local and national level, the enhancement of Dialogue between Youth and the creation of local youth centers and other structures for children.

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