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The consortium of the “Remember Holocaust- Building Bridges for a common future” project is organizing an online voluntary activity which focuses on the paradigm of Holocaust as a milestone for highlighting the importance of tolerance, acceptance, diversity and unity for a peaceful co-existence in the EU and beyond. This volunteering activity concerns a set of workshops that will be implemented virtually in High Schools in Greece during which, the volunteers, based on the outcomes of other project activities, will interact with the students and through non-formal approach will discuss issues of equity, diversity, tolerance.

The selected participants will attend all phases of the 2-weeks short term ESC activity which will be carried out virtually. More specifically, the volunteers should:

•Attend the preparatory phase, including 2 online meetings aiming at gaining a thorough view of the project and the ESC activity as well as receiving accurate information about the workshops to be implemented, the methodology and the expected outcomes

•Develop the content of the workshops and, together with the organizing team, reflect and finalize them.

• Implement two virtual workshops for High Schools

• Provide evaluation and feedback to the organizing team

If you wish to learn more about this activity, find more information here

If you are interested to join the activity, please send us your CV and a motivation letter to holocaust.remember@gmail.com